2018 May 11     
2 Bit Thugs

John Selway and Scott Richmond's 1994 track gets remixed by Deetron and Kim Ann Foxman

Kim Ann Foxman’s Firehouse show some love to a 1994 US rave classic, re-releasing the original mixes and augmenting them with two brand new 2018 remixes: one by Kim herself and one by Deetron.

First up is the Deetron Reconstruct, which starts with the bassline and a percussion loop with a muted one-note string line in the background, then adds claps and female vocal moans and eventually a tizzy hi-hat. The vocal is a female one repeating "gonna keep on climbin’ yeah" and is accompanied to by a stabbed piano riff which gives it a great old school feel. Next we have Kim Ann’s more techno-oriented reworking, with a complicated percussive intro and then a throbbing acidic bassline which sounds rich and gives the track great lift. The vocals are used but in chopped-up and heavily effected form, and there's an arpeggiated synth riff as the topline. The track merrily twists and turns its way for over seven minutes, but never sounds laboured and is great at high volumes. Then finally we come to the two original mixes. Mix 2 is up first and doesn't sound dated at all with its looped vocal and some nifty 303 work in play, while Mix 1 is a breakbeat construct with pianos, acid lines and crisp percussion.

This is a great release, with two quality remixes (of which Kim Ann Foxman’s is my favourite) and two nostalgic originals that sound amazing considering the technology that was around at the time.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 11 May


Review Score: 8




Tags: Psychedelic Research Lab, John Selway, Scott Richmond, FIrehouse Records, Kim Ann Foxman, Deetron, techno