2016 Mar 04     
2 Bit Thugs

The latest release from Priority One Digital finds favour with Danny Slade

If you like your trance fast-paced and on an uplifting spiral, this release should find favour, as it's akin to a lot of Greek literature - epic in nature and with plenty of twists and turns!

There's only one track, which is a builder with a pounding kick drum, a muted snare and a rubbery, slightly acidic bassline. There are plenty of incidental sounds and mini-hooks which lead you nicely to a piano-led breakdown, with soaring operatic pads and an arpeggiated synth riff that really help build the tension before it comes slamming back in again.

Its beauty is that it keeps you guessing which direction it is going to take, and manages to steer clear of the many cliches that so many trance tracks employ these days.

In a time where track templates seem increasingly to form the basis of some producers' productions, good trance is all about keeping you guessing which aural path it will lead you down. And this track's path is an impressive one!

Words: Danny Slade



Review Score: 8




Tags: Trance, Priority One, Priority One Digital, Danny Slade