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PREMIERE! 'Wants & Needs' by Martha AB

Check out Terminal 10's Journey In House Mix inside

2021 Mar 15     
2 Bit Thugs

The 'Wants & Needs' EP is out Friday on Four Four Soul Recordings

Today's exclusive track premiere is a treat for the soulful house lovers, as iDJ proudly brings you a first chance to hear Terminal 10's Journey In House Mix of Wants & Needs by Martha AB. It's one of five mixes that make up the Wants & Needs EP, which is out this Friday (19 March) on Four Four Soul Recordings.

A relatively new voice on the scene, Martha AB is a young jazz and soul vocalist from London. With a background in choirs and school jazz bands, she's done session work as a vocalist for drum & bass tracks but now steps fully into the limelight with one of her own compositions, Wants & Needs.

Martha says of the song: “This song conveys my past attitudes towards relationships: indecision, waiting around for something or someone to happen. Not wanting to go into something unknown and new, I shied away from things for the feat of a bad outcome. It was easier to just dream. This manifested in me not taking agency in my life, and living in my comfort zone. Therefore, writing this piece was a cathartic process which allowed me to move forward.”

So what kind of piece did Martha write? In its Original form, Wants & Needs is a sopisticated slice of jazzy neo-soul of a calibre that suggests if won't be long before headline gigs at The Jazz Cafe beckon, while elsewhere on the EP, Chillifunk main man Lofty serves up a Honey Hill Mix that sits at the very most uber-soulful end of the house spectrum, while the JDN Beats Remix takes us into downtempo hip-hop territory.

The rub that grabbed us the most, though, was Terminal 10's Journey In House Mix, which drags the track onto main room house floors without losing any of its essential soul flava. See what you think…

Like that? Then find out more at the links below, or click here to order the EP.

Martha AB: Instagram   Four Four Soul Recordings: Soundcloud Facebook website





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