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PREMIERE! 'The Strangest Dream' by JourneyDeep

Check out the blistering remix from label regulars Astronoize

2019 Feb 17     
2 Bit Thugs

'The Strangest Dream' is out on JourneyDeep Records tomorrow (18 February)

Today's exclusive track premiere comes once again from US label JourneyDeep Records, as iDJ brings you the first chance to hear Astronoize's remix of the label boss's own The Strangest Dream. It's out tomorrow, accompanied by JourneyDeep's own Original Mix.

Like JourneyDeep (AKA Josh Powelson, pictured) and his label, Astronoize (AKA Nick Serna and TJ Genay) also hail from Denver, making the new single an all-Coloradan affair. They've been making music together for over a decade, starting out in rock bands but moving inexorably towards the techno scene as the years have gone by.

Powelson's original version of The Strangest Dream is a techno cut that straddles the divide between melodic/progressive and more driving styles nicely, but our ears were pricked up the most by Astronoize's remix, which compared to the epic, expansive original has a more intense, claustrophobic kinda feel while also upping the tempo slightly, making for a proper eyes-down 4am pounder.

See what you think....

Like that? Then click here to order the single, or hit up the links below for more info on all concerned

JourneyDeep Records: Soundcloud Facebook website Astronoize: Soundcloud Facebook Twitter





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