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PREMIERE! 'The Forgotten Track' by Altered Feast

Bumpin' garage grooves from Feast Records

2019 Dec 03     
2 Bit Thugs

The track's out on Friday, as the B-side to their second single 'More Than Before'

Today's exclusive track premiere comes to you courtesy of fledgling London label Feast Records, as iDJ brings you a first chance to hear The Forgotten Track by label bosses Altered Feast. The track is the B-side to their new single More Then Before, which is out on Friday (6 December).

Unfortunately, we can't tell you a lot about Altered Feast… all we know is that they're a duo, that they're based in London, and that Altered Feast is "a new project". Whether that means they're complete newcomers, though, or whether one or both of the pair has a long track record under another name, we couldn't say.

What we do know is that More Than Before is only their second release (the first being You Still Here, also on Feast Records, back in August), that they've already been picking up support from the likes of Caspa, Black Loops, Toman, Martin Depp and Fizzikz – and that The Forgotten Track is as fine and bumpin' a garage groove as we've hear in a long while!

See what you think…


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