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PREMIERE! 'Stacks' by Bayalien Sound System

Twisted, gnarly dubstep from We Got This

2020 Nov 19     
2 Bit Thugs

Track comes from the 'Smokestacks' EP, which will be in stores tomorrow

Today's exclusive track premiere finds us once more back in the company of Bayalien Sound System, as the deadly duo serve up another slab of fiendish, twisted dubstep for Californian label We Got This.

As we've told you before in previous premieres, Bayalien Soundsystem are Chris Cohan (or Poppa Doses, if you prefer) and Ivan Landau (AKA Golden Eye). The pair hail from the San Francisco Bay area and describe the sounds they make as “psychedelic bass music”.

Their latest psychedelic bass missive consists of three chapters. The title track, Smokestacks, is a glitchy, industrial-sounding affair that arguably owes more to the likes of Aphex Twin or Richie Hawtin than it does to, say, Hatcha, Pinch or Black Ops, while Beautiful Basslines takes heavyweight dub bass into twitchier pastures than it's ever been before. But it was Shake that caught our ears the most, being a slightly more “traditional” dubstep cut that – to paraphrase Metallica – will make you nod that head that doesn't nod!

See what you think…

Like that? Then find out more at the links below, or click here to order the EP

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