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PREMIERE! Soul Clap remix Life On Planets & Taylor Bense

Check out their UKG-ish rub of 'Glowstick' inside

2021 Mar 04     
2 Bit Thugs

The single-track release is out tomorrow on Kitsuné Musique

Today's exclusive track premiere comes to you courtesy of veteran French label Kitsuné Musique, as iDJ brings you a first chance to hear the Soul Clap Remix of Life On Planets & Taylor Bense's Glowstick

Life On Planets [pictured] is an alias for Baltimore-based singer and guitarist Phill Celeste, who back in October teamed up with Brooklyn boy Taylor Bense for the Glowstick EP. The original version of the track was a bass-heavy deep houser with a (slightly NSFW) R&B/UKG-style vocal; now it gets handed over to all-conquering Boston duo Soul Clap for a remix that brings the track's garage leanings even further to the fore.

They say: “On this remix, Charlie pumped the tempo, resampled the pads, added some keys, swung those drums and broke the whole thing off with a big ol' bag of bassline. The results fall somewhere between house and 4x4 garage but still very Soul Clap and oh so Taylor Bense/Life On Planets. Oh and thanks to Taylor for the exquisite mixdown!"

And what's more, it's all in a good cause: 50% of royalties and 100% of merch profits will go to Campaign Zero, an organisation that campaigns against police brutality in the US. 

See what you think…

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