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PREMIERE! 'Nocturnal Animal [Matchy Remix]' by Chook

Dark prog-tech bizniss from Lauter Unfug

2018 Jun 28     
2 Bit Thugs

The EP's out on 9 July, with further mixes from Vanita and Aki Bergen & Richter

We've got another excellent track exclusive for you today, as iDJ brings you the first chance to hear Matchy's remix of Noctural Animal by Chook. The track is taken from the EP of the same name, which is out on Lauter Unfug Musik on 9 July.

Chook (real name Philippe Schirrer) has released four albums to date, in a career that dates back to the early 00s. He started out making techno-inspired D&B on his own Full Force Recordings label, but in recent years he's branched out stylistically, exploring electronic-folk fusions as part of the band Monophonia while simultaneously serving up a string of deep, dark progressive and tech-house jams on labels such as Baroque and, of course, Lauter Unfug.

In its Original form, the aptly titled Nocturnal Animal is a dark, rumbling, bassy affair that sits right on the cusp of techno, progressive house and tech-house. Elsewhere on the EP, a synth-tastic remix from Aki Bergen & Richter push it more towards techno territory, while Vanita reworks the track for prog floors, which is also where you're most likely to encounter bonus cut Virtual Desert. But the track that pricked our ears up the most was the remix from German's Martin Bley, better known as Matchy. As you'll hear below, his mix is a little lighter on its feet, with dancefloor energy to spare, yet retains the original's air of brooding menace.

See what you think...

Like that? Then find out more about all concerned at the links below, or click here to preorder the EP.

Chook: Soundcloud Facebook  Matchy: Soundcloud Facebook

Lauter Unfug Musik: Soundcloud Facebook Twitter website

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