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PREMIERE! 'Momentary Joy' by Glass Slipper

Deep, soulful goodness from Colour And Pitch

2019 Jan 17     
2 Bit Thugs

The single's available on Beatport from 25 January, with a full release on 8 February

Today's track premiere comes courtesy of Hastings-based label Colour And Pitch, which is headed up by Will Sumsuch. Momentary Joy is the work of Austin, Texas-based duo Glass Slipper, and will be out on Beatport from 25 January.

As you'll hear below, Momentary Joy is a classic-style deep, soulful house groove, complete with a full female vocal from Lisa Cork-Twiss, but thankfully never gets too wispy and ethereal, as this kind of tackle sometimes can. The full release comes with a brace of remixes from Chicago veteran Andrew Emil, whose work has previously graced labels such as Classic, Farris Wheel and Mark Farina's Great Lakes Audio. Emil doesn't flip the script too much, simply tuffening up the drums a little on his Dreamix and providing an accompanying Dreamstrumental for the vocal-phobic. If you're feeling the Original, then, you're probably gonna dig the remixes, too.

But it's the Original we're showcasing today, so here it is! See what you think...

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