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PREMIERE: Manfredi Barbarossa feat Lazarus - Get Up

Allow us to present the Rawool Remix for your edification and dancing pleasure

2016 Sep 08     
2 Bit Thugs

The single's out tomorrow, complete with further remixes from Ale and Pat Lezizmo

Dropping on Italian label Midi Mood Records tomorrow (9 September) is Get Up, the new single from Manfredi Barbarossa featuring Lazarus. So tonight, iDJ is delighted to bring you a first listen to the Rawool Remix.

In its original form, Get Up treads quite a commercial house path, albeit the soulful vocal from Lazarus lifts it a cut above your average chart dance fodder. A remix from Ale (AKA Alessandro Sarsano) heads into much deeper territory with a space-y, jazzy feel, while Pat Lezizmo strips things back and tuffens them up a notch, on a peaktime-friendly pass that comes complete with a 90s-sounding organ bassline.

But our favourite remains the Rawool rub, which is simultaneously every bit as deep as Ale's yet every bit as big, strutty and ass-shakin' as Lezizmo's. Not much more to say, really... just enjoy!


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