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PREMIERE! 'Mandala Visions' by Eli Spiral

Deep, chunky prog from JourneyDeep

2019 Jul 10     
2 Bit Thugs

The track will be available as a single from Monday (15 July)

Today's exclusive track premiere comes from the deeper, more psychedelic end of the progressive house spectrum, as iDJ brings you the first chance to hear Mandala Visions by Boulder, Colorado-based producer Eli Spiral. The single's out on JourneyDeep Records on Monday.

Look up Eli Spiral (real name Elliott Vaughn) on Discogs and you'll see he has just a couple of previous releases to his name. But he's now newcomer: in fact he's been producing electronic music for over 20 years, starting off making progressive house in the 90s before achieving a fair degree of success in psytrance circles under his Labyr1nth alias, appearing on labels including Goa Records (who released his 2014 album Nirvana Network) and John 00 Fleming's JOOF Recordings. Recently, though, he's returning to his progressive house roots. In fact, it was a trip to see one of his original music inspirations, Sasha, play for local promoters Whirling Dervish earlier this year that led directly to the creation of Mandala Visions. 

"I had a deep, meaningful dancefloor experience that night," he explains. "Basically I had a psychedelic experience without taking any psychedelics. I went really deep into the sound and had some clear visions of mandala patterns, which I wanted to translate into a song."

As you'll hear below, the track that resulted from his psychedelic reverie is a slow-building affair, quite sonically intricate but with enough dancefloor energy to prevent it ever becoming self-indulgent. For those of you that like to know these things, we're told he made it track primarily on his Roland JP-8000 – an analogue modeling synth that dates from 1996.

So did he succeed in his synaesthetic mission? That's for you to decide…

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