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PREMIERE! 'Lyle Lanley' by Altered Feast

Garage-y deep house goodness from Pogo House

2020 Mar 17     
2 Bit Thugs

The track comes from the 'Lemon Tree' EP, which is out on Friday

Our second great track premiere this week comes courtesy of London label Pogo House Records, as iDJ brings you the first chance to hear Lyle Lanley by Altered Feast. The track is one of three featured on the Lemon Tree EP, which is out this Friday (20 March).

If the name Altered Feast sounds familiar to iDJ readers, it should – we previously premiered the London-based duo's The Forgotten Track back in December. That one came out on their own Feast Label, but they've signed the Lemon Tree EP to Pogo House – and it's a good fit, because Pogo House (est. 2014) describe their catalogue as "a modern garage house vibe, heavily influenced by 90s old skool house and garage with a raw, underground deep house feel" and, as you'll hear below, that's a near-perfect description of Lyle Lanley, too.

See what you think…

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