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PREMIERE! 'Lost In The Moment' by Sentre

The track comes from their forthcoming album 'Dream Logic'

2017 Jul 06     
2 Bit Thugs

The London duo are keeping their identity secret, so we will too - for now

Today, iDJ is delighted to bring you another very fine track premiere, with your first chance to hear Lost In The Moment, taken from the forthcoming debut album by London duo Sentre.

Sentre are, we're informed, "two lizards who work in a bunker in southwest London". That's blatantly a fib, because lizards - and indeed reptilian species generally - seldom opt to pursue a career in music production, and when they do they're generally more into pop, rap and R&B than laidback, dreamy electronica. Simple scientific fact.

However, as ineffective and transparent as Sentre's ruse turns out to be, it does nevertheless suggest that they'd rather you didn't know they were actually two veteran studio hounds whose CVs include at least one Top 40 single, releases on the likes of Subliminal and Ministry Of Sound, and production credits on the most recent album by one very, very famous progressive house DJ. So far be it from us to tell you.

Anyway, Lost In The Moment features Norwegian vocalist Aurora, and the hype sheet for the album compares their music to the likes of Bonobo and and Fakear. So see what you think, and if you like the track then the album, Dream Logic, is out on Sentre's own Bird Up! label later this month.

And look out, too, for a forthcoming interview with Sentre right here at iDJ. At least, they've said they'll speak to us, but you never know with lizards - they speak with forked tongues.

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