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PREMIERE! 'Kyoto' by JLoki

Moody dubstep bizniss from We Got This

2021 Apr 14     
2 Bit Thugs

'Kyoto' comes from JLoki's debut album 'Dark Light', which is out on Friday

Today's exclusive track premiere comes to you courtesy of US label We Got This, as iDJ brings you the first chance to hear Kyoto by Jloki. It's the first track from his brand new album Dark Light, which is out this Friday (16 April).

JLoki hails from Santa Cruz, California, but is currently based in Los Angeles. His music, long on heavy 808 beats and glacial top lines, combines elements hip-hop, trap and dubstep, as is showcased perfectly on his debut long-player, an 11-track opus that isn't afraid to venture into the darkside, and that will delight headnodders and red-eyed tokers everywhere.

As for We Got This, they're also of a US west coast persuasion, and specialise in leftfield, bass-heavy sounds – regular readers may recall that we've premiered tracks previously from main man Spekt1 and label regulars Bayalien Soundsystem.

Anyway, back to JLoki's allbum, and it's Kyoto that sets the tone from the get-go… so see what you think! 

Like that? Then find out more at the links below, or click here to order the album.

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