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PREMIERE! 'Keep Still [Funk E Remix]' by Tijn

Track comes from the 'Don't Stay Still' EP, out Friday

2017 Dec 06     
2 Bit Thugs

The artist formerly known as Deep Edition boss Martijn drops some funk-fuelled minimal techno

Our second track exclusive this week comes from rising techno star Tijn, whose music has featured on labels such as Frole, Worx Music and In Haus Wax.

Tijn is actually Martyn Hodgson, who deep house lovers may know better as Martijn, label boss of the northeast UK-based label Deep Edition Recordings. But since 2014, under the name Tijn, he's been treading a path inspired more by minimal techno, as exemplified by the cut we're showcasing today.

Keep Still comes from the Don't Stay Still EP, which is out this Friday on Dutch label Trim Records. In its Original form, Keep Still is a bubblin' acid-fried slice of minimal techno, while elsewhere on the EP you'll find Short Star, which looks to late 80s Chicago and Detroit for inspiration, and the twitchy, percussive soundscape that is Slow Down. But the track that caught our ear most was the remix of Keep Still by Raum Music boss Funk E, in which he tones down the acid considerably and takes things a notch or two deeper, while still maintaining enough energy to get early floors warmed up or keep late floors moving.

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