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PREMIERE! 'Grace [Sapiens Remix]' by Chris Sterio & Sean McLellan

Deep, proggy house vibes from Pangea Recordings

2018 Apr 30     
2 Bit Thugs

The 'Grace' EP is out on Beatport today, with a full release to follow on 14 May

This week, iDJ is delighted to bring you the first chance to hear the Sapiens Remix of Chris Sterio and Sean McClellan's Grace, which is out on 14 May.

Although based on opposite sides of the Atlantic, Isle of Man native Sterio and North Carolina-dwelling McLellan have been working together for several years now. Sterio, who's been active on the UK progressive house scene since the early 00s, released McClellan's debut album Jaded Perception on his Source Of Gravity label back in 2010, and the duo have been an occasional item ever since - though Grace comes not on Source Of Gravity but on California-based label Pangea Recordings.

There are five mixes of Grace to choose from on the EP. The original is a midpaced vocal cut that'll slot nicely into deeper prog sets, Matt Black's aptly titled Not Over Yet Mix (see what he did there?) channels 90s synth sounds, Slovakia's Ri Za opts for a low-slung n' groovy approach on his refix while the Zed White Remix takes us into blissed-out afterhours territory. But while all four are plenty playable, to our ears they're just pipped to the post by the deeper, techier remix from Israel's Alon Shapiro, AKA Sapiens.

See what you think...

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