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PREMIERE 'Fresh Air' by SICHI vs Deeplastik

Fresh tech-house vibes - from a pair of Spanish breakbeat producers

2016 Sep 30     
2 Bit Thugs

The single's out on 5 October, complete with a remix from Stereo North

Today we have another track premiere exclusively for iDJ readers, as Sichi vs Deeplastik unveil their brand new tech-house slab, Fresh Air.

Interestingly, both SICHI and Deeplastik - who hail from Tenerife - originally made their names on the breakbeat scene. SICHI is a former member of leading Spanish breaks act Sigma 7, and runs the successful iBreaks label. But he recently teamed up with former Sigma 7 guitarist and fellow breaks producer Deeplastik to launch a new label, Dichotomic, which focuses on tech-house sounds. And for this, the label's fifth release, the two have come up with what we're sure you'll agree is a very playable cut, in an "eyes-down but not too intense" kinda vein. Proof, were any needed, that it's not where you're from that matters... it's where you're at!

The single's out on 5 October, complete with a somewhat darker, more stripped-down remix from Stereo North that adds a distorted vocal from DarkOverdose. For now, here's the original mix - for your ears only!


Like that? Then find Dichotomic on Soundcloud, Facebook and Twitter, or at their own website.





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