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PREMIERE! 'do your thang' by Da Chick

Future soul grooves from Discotexas

2019 Nov 28     
2 Bit Thugs

The single's out tomorrow, with her second album to follow in the new year

For today's exclusive track premiere we head into futuristic soul/R&B territory, as iDJ brings the you the first chance to hear do your thang by Da Chick. The single's out tomorrow (Friday 29 November) on Portuguese label Discotexas.

Da Chick is a solo artist from Lisbon, and do your thang is the second single trailing her new album conversations with the beat, which will be out on Discotexas in 2020. Already a gifted multi-instrumentalist, this album finds her taking complete control of production duties, too. Asked to describe her style, she says: "Da Chick can be anything I want! Right now I’m going through a more chill, experimental, less disco and pop, more hip hop and dub sounds phase."

As for do your thang, this particular song was, we're told, inspired by a little motivational pep talk she gave herself one morning. Now check it out to see if it's your thang…

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