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PREMIERE! 'Dimensions' by Kareem Martin

Check out the title track from his new EP

2018 Jul 26     
2 Bit Thugs

The 'Dimensions EP' is out on 29 July on JourneyDeep

Our second fine track exclusive this week comes to you courtesy of Denver, USA-based label JourneyDeep Records. Dimensions is the title track from Kareem Martin's new EP of the same name, which is out on Friday.

Kareem Martin - whose real name is actually John - was born in the Democratic Republic of the Congo but raised in Belgium, before moving first to Canada and then to Colorado, where he's been based since 2006, and where he is currently resident at the Beta Nighclub. JourneyDeep Records, meanwhile, was set up by Josh Pawelson, AKA JourneyDeep, in 2003.

As for the new EP, the title track - as you'll hear below - is a tribal-tinged, heads-down affair coming from the deeper end of the tech-house spectrum, while the label boss supplies a stripped-back, more percussive remix augmented by throbbing synth chords. Completing the EP is TEKHAUS, a slightly more attitude-y tech-houser (no surprises there!) topped with slightly disturbing spoken vocals ("What is that? Do you hear something? I do," etc).

Martin himself says of the EP: "Between the past six months and now, I’ve started to find my style and started to find my edge. Dimensions is exactly who I am. It’s who I’m going to become as a producer in the future. I feel that this is my direction, and everything I’ve done in the past was a good experience but it was a journey that really helped me find my personality in music production."

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