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PREMIERE! 'Bloom' by Jovan Vucetic

Deep, techy house from Serbia

2018 Jul 19     
2 Bit Thugs

'Bloom' comes from the 'Feelz EP', which is out on Griffintown Records on Monday

Today, iDJ is delighted to bring you an exclusive premiere of Bloom by Jovan Vucetic. The track comes from his Feelz EP, which is out on Kirk Coleman's Montreal-based Griffintown Records next Monday (23 July).

Hailing from Belgrade in Serbia, Jovan Vucetic is something of a wunderkind. He's just 17 years old, but has already landed himself an A&R job at the respected NastyFunk Records label, while his own productions have appeared on Griffintown, NastyFunk, Lapsus Music, Culture Records and more.

Elsewhere on the EP, Feelz itself is a rolling, bassy tech-houser with a heads-down, er, feel, Killed Kassette collab The Drug is dark, pounding cut that veers towards straight-up techno territory while Cee El Assaad & Sound Of Mint remix Blooms into an epic, prog-tinged 5am workout with much use of exotic percussion. But it's the Original Mix of Bloom, a sumptuous yet energetic groove that'll work in deep and tech-house sets alike, that caught our ears the most.

See what you think...

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