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PREMIERE! 'Behind The Crates' by Di Saronno

Funky-assed retro vibes from I! Records

2021 Apr 16     
2 Bit Thugs

The 'Behind The Crates' EP is out on i! Records on Monday

Today we are delighted to premiere a release from the legendary i! Records, as iDJ brings you a first chance to hear Behind The Crates by Di Saronno. It's the title track from his new EP, which is out on Monday (19 April).

Di Saronno, real name Frank Ferraro, hails from Italy, and says he is on a mission “to bring back the heat of the timeless disco inferno inside out hearts” – a laudable objective, we're sure you'll agree! His work has appeared on Nervous, King Street, Dopewax, Glasgow Underground and Peppermint Jam, among other labels, as well as on i! Records – a label who should need no introduction to most iDJ readers, having been one of New York's most influential house and garage imprints of the past three decades.

Elsewhere on the Behind The Crates EP, Hands In My Pocket is a jazzy, party-hearty deep house workout, while Tales From The Hood is in a similar vein but a little more wonked-out. The track that grabbed us most, though, was Behind The Crates itself, which – to our ears, at least, somehow seems to encapsulates that late 70s sense of glamour, decadence and hedonism in funk-on-vinyl form. 

But as ever, you can make up your own mind…


Like that? Then find out more at the links below, or click here to order the EP.

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