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PREMIERE! '1-2-3' by Eddie Fowlkes

The Detroit veteran in house mode

2021 Jul 20     
2 Bit Thugs

'1-2-3' comes from the four-track 'EPM20 EP3', which is out next Friday

For today's exclusive track premiere, we're absolutely stoked to present a brand new cut from one of the founding fathers of electronic dance music, as iDJ brings you a first chance to hear 1-2-3 by Detroit veteran Eddie Fowlkes, which is out on EPMmusic next Friday (30 July).

As we're sure most iDJ readers won't need telling, Eddie Fowlkes' roots in dance music go right back to the disco and funk era – he started DJing in the late 70s and by the mid-80s was a member of Juan Atkins' seminal Deep Space collective, where he helped to pioneer the use of drum machines and FX pedals in the DJ booth and hence birth the sound that would soon become known as techno, with his first release being Goodbye Kiss on Metroplex Records in 1986. Like his former protegé Kevin Saunderson, though, he's never been a one-trick pony and has always had one foot in the house camp as well.

1-2-3 is taken from the four-track EPM20 EP3, the third in a series of EPs released to mark the 20th anniversary of EPMmusic. The first EP in the series was an all-techno affair, the second focused on electro, but for the third and final volume we're firmly in house territory, and elsewhere on the EP you'll find tracks from fellow Motor City originator DJ 3000, current Detroit fave Jon Dixon and Chicago duo Rico & Sonny.

Our favourite, though, is this deep, bubblin' groove from Eddie. See what you think…

Like that? Then find out more at the links below, or click here to pre-order the EP

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