2018 Aug 11     
2 Bit Thugs

The Brighton-based producer serves up nostalgic floorburner for Krafted Digital

The old-school samples used here evoke memories of some awesome parties back in the day, and give this track appeal to ravers old and new.

Der Schlag... kicks off with a simple percussion loop and a couple of synth stabs, then builds in intensity with added drum loops until we get to a mini-breakdown. From there, the aural insanity begins! The main hook is the famous Patrick Prins La Luna vocal (“to the beat of the drum - bang’... and can you guess what that is in German?) but it also samples a load of old hardcore tracks like T99’s Anasthasia and has a distinctly old school production feel. Style-wise I'd categorise it as tech-house but it's more than just another monotonous bunch of thrown-together beats and samples - its production is pristine and really out there, with the vocal hook played loud and proud in the mix while almost tribal drums in the background driving it ever forward. Later on it uses another spoken sample that I don’t recognise, but that works well and adds to the controlled chaos.

If you're after a BIG track that'll send the crowd crazy and get the trainspotters nodding, this one is definitely worth checking out.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 6 August


Review Score: 8




Tags: POok, Krafted Digital, tech house, tech-house, Patrick Prins, T99