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Plug pulled on Another World festival

Organisers blame health and safety issues with the site

2018 Jul 31     
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The Bristol megarave has had to be postponed until next year

Another World, the Fantazia megarave that was due to take place just outside Bristol this weekend, has been called off at the last minute.

In a post announcing the news on Facebook, which you can read in full below, the organisers say the reason for the 11th-hour cancellation is that the owners of the farm which was to host the festival had failed to keep the camping area free of livestock for the requisite three-week period beforehand. Health and safety inspectors are hence said to discovered sheep faeces in the area, which have made it unsafe for the festival to go ahead.

They promise that everyone who had bought tickets will receive information regarding refunds within 24 hours, and that Another World will now be postponed until summer 2019.





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