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Pioneer unveils the XDJ-RR

A more affordable XDJ-RX2 alternative

2018 Sep 05     
2 Bit Thugs

Fewer FX, fewer performance pads and no touchscreen - but a price tag that's a third cheaper

Pioneer has announced yet another addition to its line-up of DJ controllers with the announcement of the all-in-one XDJ-RR, which will retail for £1,019.

That price tag denotes the fact that it's essentially a pared-back version of the XDJ-RX2, which launched last year with an SRP of £1,529. As you'd expect, you'll lose a few features if you plump for the cheaper model: the XDJ-RR features just three available Beat FX (echo, reverb and flanger) compared the XDJ-RX2's eight, there are four Hot Cue/perfomance pads on each channel compared to eight on the XDJ-RX2, there's no crossfader curve control, and while the seven-inch full colour screen looks the same as that on its bigger brother, in this case it's not touch-enabled. Perhaps the most notable missing feature, though, is that there are no line/phono inputs round the back, so you can't use the XDJ-RR as a mixer for existing turntables or CD players.

The XDJ-RR does, however, give you an all-in-controller that supports all major file formats, that you can use with or without a laptop, and that still comes sporting many of the features from the company's pro-level NX2 range at a much more affordable price. And if you want one, they should be landing in stores any minute now.






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