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Pioneer introduces the PLX-500

A new affordable vinyl deck from Pioneer

2016 Aug 04     
2 Bit Thugs

The little brother of the PLX-1000 is slightly lower-specced, but adds 78rpm playback and a USB port

Pioneer has announced a new vinyl turntable, the PLX-500, which is available in black (PLX-500-K) or white (PLX-500-W).

The PLX-500 will go on sale next month, priced £299. At first glance, it looks like simply a more affordable version of the company's existing PLX-1000 turntable, with both taking their design cues from the classic Technics 1210. And essentially it is... but there are differences.

Both decks are direct-drive machines with S-shaped tonearms, and both can be used with Pioneer's rekordbox software, control vinyl and a DJM mixer to play MP3 files. But the PLX-500 only offers pitch control of +/- 8%, unlike the PLX-1000 which features +/- 50% and 100% options, and it also has a lower signal-to-noise ratio - 50dB to the PLX-1000's 70dB, which (for non-geeks) means the PLX-1000 will sound slightly better.

On the plus side, though, the PLX-500 has a USB output, which the PLX-1000 doesn't - useful for ripping vinyl to MP3 - and, unlike its big brother, it also supports 78rpm playback. Oh, and it's a couple of kilos lighter, too.

Like its predecessor, the PLX-500 ships with a headshell, cartridge, stylus and slipmat supplied. We'll bring you a proper review as soon as we can - in the meantime, you can watch Pioneer's promotional video below.






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