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Pinch, Kode9 make music for SUBPAC

Now you can REALLY feel the bass

2017 Feb 17     
2 Bit Thugs

The new Feel SUBPAC platform also features tracks from Ikonika, Taso, Ash Koosa and more

SUBPAC, makers of bass transduction systems for audio, gaming and VR, have launched a new online platform featuring music designed to best showcase the technology, with bass music legends Kode9 [pictured] and Pinch among the artists contributing music to the site.

Where traditional speaker systems work by generating soundwaves in the air, transduction systems instead generate vibrations in a physical object such as a seat (or even, in the case of underwater headphones, your skull). Tactile transducers have been built into chairs designed for computer gaming for years, but SUBPAC's use of the technology is a little different, in that the company's focus is on audio, whether for home listening or for monitoring, mixing and mastering in the studio.

SUBPAC products are also designed strictly for bass, with a frequency response of 5-130Hz. The company was launched in 2013, and there are three SUBPAC products currently available: the M2 Wearable, S2 Seatback and S2 BackPac. The company claims a user base that includes the likes of Timbaland, Richie Hawtin, Scientist, Adrian Sherwood, Mala, Zed Bias, Calyx & Teebee and more.

And now Pinch and Kode9 are among the regular SUBPAC users who've shared tunes on the Feel SUBPAC platform which have been created using SUBPAC, and crafted to sound at their best when using the system. Also featured on the site is music from Ikonika, Taso, Ash Koosa and more.

So if you fancy some bottom end in your bottom end, check it all out here.

Kode 9 pic: Philip Skoczkowski





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