2019 Jul 15     
2 Bit Thugs

Piero Pirupa returns to Anthony Attalla's label with this surefire three-tracker

Piero Pirupa is well known for his groove-riddled underground house and techno releases on the Incorrect label, and here he returns with a two-track monster that comes complete with a remix from the talented Tim Baresko.

Coco Mama itself is up first, starting with a repeated "mama" sample and an almost breakbeat intro that's joined by a great bassline. There's a male spoken/sung vocal sample and added bongos and congas, and the whole track is a guaranteed floorfiller. Next comes the original mix of Fire, another call to the dancefloor that opens with a booming percussive intro with added vocal and synth stabs. Then there's a mini-breakdown where the funky bassline is added, making the backbeat complete before he adds some mad synth noises and more of the cut-up female vocal. The latter develops throughout the track and eventually drops the whole line (“you’ve got me burning like a fire"), which works really well. The Tim Baresko Remix of FIre sounds every bit as good as the original, but quite different. It starts with Latin percussion and has a rave-style synth riff as one of the main hooks, with the vocal cut up and interspersed throughout. 

There are effectively three party tunes to choose from on this EP, and the only big decision is which order to play them in, because they all deserve a damn good thrashing!

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 12 July



Review Score: 8




Tags: Piero Pirupa, Incorrect Music, Anthony Attalla, Tim Baresko, house