2019 Mar 16     
2 Bit Thugs

Pete Tong teams up with Berlin's Emanuel Satie on this single-track release

Radio 1’s Pete Tong is the don of all things dance music-related, so when he decides to produce a tune, it's only natural for him to team up with the likes of Berlin’s Emanuel Satie. Together they've created a slice of pure bliss. It's a single-track release, so you'd expect it to be pretty special, and you'd be right. 

Time For Love starts off with a tribal kickdrum rhythm that's joined by a clap. Eventually a piano line develops, with a closed hi-hat in the backbeat, and then in comes a vocal sample which for now is just saying “falling in love” over and over in a plummy English accent. As the track continues, an orchestral string line is added, along with a simple 303 line, and together it just works perfectly to create a beautifully crafted, uplifting piece of dance music. There are lots of snare fills and amped-up percussion which give it great drama and presence, and eventually a breakdown where the full vocal sample is played, which is just sublime and fits the backbeat perfectly. 

I can’t fault Time For Love in any way: it's one of those tracks that makes you remember what all the best dance music does, unite and unify a crowd of people to behave as one. It would be fair to say that a future classic has been created, and I strongly advise you to check this one out at your earliest convenience!

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 15 March



Review Score: 9




Tags: Pete Tong, Emanuel Satie, Saved Records, house