2017 Apr 16     
2 Bit Thugs

Remixes come from Daniele Badelli & DJ Rocca and Dr Packer

A heavyweight team-up here, as Balearic legend Pete Herbert and Bali-based partner-in-crime Martin Denev, who previously released the Night Shade EP on Nang back in January, join forces with the mighty tonsils of Chi-town originator Robert Owens. And as if that wasn't enough, cosmic disco founding father Daniele Baldelli supplies a brace of remixes, too!

The EP opens, in fact, with the Daniele Baldelli & DJ Rocca remix of Pass Me By, which is an unhurried deep house groove with vintage-sounding drums, a vaguely disquieting main synth riff, warbling synth-strings and, of course, Owens' unmistakable voice in full effect. Next up is the Original Mix, which has more contemporary drums and a bouncy, elastic synth bassline. Dr Packer's remix is essentially a variation on the Original's theme with a lil' acid-y squelch thrown in for good measure, Pete Herbert's own remix unsurprisingly heads into slightly more Balearic territory, and then finally we end up back with Baldelli & Rocca, their Dub rounding out the EP on a suitably wonked-out note.

To be brutally honest, none of the mixes are that radically different and a little more variety perhaps wouldn't have gone amiss, but this is classy stuff all the same, and the names involved alone should see it getting plenty of spins over the summer as we await Herbert and co's long-player Made In The Shade, from which it's taken.

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: 14 April


Review Score: 8




Tags: Pete Herbert, Martin Denev, Robert Owens, Nang Records, DJ Rocca, Daniele Baldelli, Dr Packer