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Pete Gooding's Top 5 chill-out spots

The downtempo don picks his favourite places for some downtime

2016 Feb 26     
2 Bit Thugs

Pete's latest compilation album 'Sheer Rocks: Music On The Rocks' is out on CD today

01. Playa Mitjorn, Formentera 

"This is a really beautiful beach to relax on in Formentera. It's nowhere near as busy as the more touristy beach Illetas, as it's on the more rugged south coast. I go here from time to time on my own, and just sit and paint for the whole day. The sea is turquoise and if want to eat there are a few good bars, restaurants and hotels spread out along the coast like Blue Bar and Gecko Beach. At the bottom of this strip of coast heading towards La Mola is a really picturesque cove called Callo De Mort that is well worth checking out, it's such an amazing beach!"

02. Torre Des Savinar, Ibiza 

"I only found this about six years ago and it’s got to be the most stunning view in Ibiza, end of story. Its the tower that over looks Es Vedra. To get there, you to have to come off the road along a couple of miles of dirt tracks. Then a 15-minute walk brings you to an amazing viewing platform in front of Es Vedra, and you climb a steep rocky hill for 20 minutes until you reach the old lookout tower called Torre Des Savinar. You can climb up inside the tower and sit on the top, and right in front of you is Es Vedra and down below you is Atlantis, I love going up there either early, before breakfast, or at sunset - it's breathtaking."

 03. Hostal La Torre, Ibiza 

"This is an old favourite of mine. It's a small hostal in an area called Cap Negret, about three miles north up the coast from San Antonio. It's now owned by the same people who own Cafe Mambo and it reminds me of Cafe Del Mar in the late 80s and early 90s. Totally unspoiled, it has the best view from any bar in Ibiza and I'm now the musical director . We have a music policy of ambient, electronica, chill out and Balearic disco and proper deep house, the food is also great and it has the most amazing panoramic view and stands alone in the middle of nowhere. This summer expect to hear Mark Barrott (International Feel), Chris Coco, Jon Sa Trinxa, Andy Wilson (Ibiza Sonica), Bruno From Ibiza and Phil Mison all joining me on the decks."

 04. Sheer Rocks, Antigua 

"This beautiful restaurant/bar is owned by Alex and Kate, a couple I’m very good friends with. The food is incredible as Alex was trained by Marco Pierre White, among others, and it's perched on the side of a cliff over looking the Caribbean sea and a beautiful white sandy beach. The music policy is very cool and the cocktails are great. I go there twice a year and it's a great place to relax, day or night."

 05. Cornwall, UK 

"This is my favourite spot to relax in when I'm in the UK. I grew up having holidays here, and now I go there to stay with legendary chill-out producer Steve Miller, AKA Afterlife. We're good friends and have been making music together under the name of No Logo for 12 years now. He lives in a small village between Falmouth and The Lizard: he's totally surrounded by countryside and you can hear the steam running down to the sea from the garden. He has no wi-fi and no phones are allowed on in the house, so it's a real escape from modern life. Try it some time!"

Sheer Rocks: Music On The Rocks, compiled by Pete Gooding and Phil Dockerty, is out on CD today, with a digital release to follow on 11 March





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