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Percussa announces Synthor System 8

New digital modular synth unveiled at NAMM

2017 Jan 21     
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System 8 offers a new way of working with Percussa's Audiocubes system

Percussa's Audiocubes - modular sound-creation units in the form of small, glowing boxes that communicate with each other wirelessly - have been around for nearly a decade. But at this week's NAMM show in Anaheim, California, Percussa was demonstrating a whole new way of working with them.

Previously, Audiocubes could be operated on their own, or using Percussa's Synthor software and/or the REMOTE control surface. Now you have a third option: Synthor System 8, which is essentially an all-digital modular wireless synthesizer.

At the system's heart lies Percussa ENGINE, a sound synthesis module running the Synthor software that's based around a quad-core, 1.8GHz processor and sports an LCD screen. Here you'll find all the ports you need to hook up to the rest of your studio hardware: MIDI in/out/thru, a USB port and an SD card slot

ENGINE links wirelessly to an upgraded REMOTE controller, while eight supplied Audiocubes can be moved around and placed in different orders to sculpt the sounds being created. More Audiocubes can be added to the system if you so desire (up to a maximum of 16).

Synthor System 8 is expected to go on sale by late March, though a price has yet to be announced. For more details, see Percussa's own website.





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