2017 Nov 19     
2 Bit Thugs

Topping shows he's no one-trick pony with his latest EP for Hot Creations

Newcastle's very own house hero returns to his regular base Hot Creations here, with a two-track EP that sees him flexing two different sets of musical muscles.

On the A, we have Be Sharp Say Nowt itself, which is a blast of sheer 90s nostalgia. The track starts with an energetic percussive intro, then introduces a nagging, throbbing bassline from the Sandy B/Camisra school of thought, some distinctly nu-NRG-ish parping horns and, finally, the full-lunged diva vocal courtesy of US gospel star LaShun Pace. Like all the best podium belters, it flirts pretty heavily with Da Fromage but stays just the right side of the line... whereas Track Change on the B is cut from a very different cloth, being a tuff, driving slab of eyes-down tech-house, topped with a one-line hip-house vocal and some acidic squiggles and having something of a tribal tinge to the drums.

Two quite different cuts on offer here, then, but that's not to say you couldn't play both in one set. It's just that the A's a peaktime screamer for the podium preeners, while Track Change is a 4am slammer for the go-all-night crew once the tourists have gone home...

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: 17 November



Review Score: 8




Tags: Patrick Topping, Hot Creations, LaShun Pace, house, vocal house, tech house, tech-house