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Party like it's 1977!

Rare recording from New York park jam surfaces

2016 May 11     
2 Bit Thugs

Listen to the sound of hip-hop being born below

We all know the story of how hip-hop emerged from New York block parties and 'park jams' in the mid-70s, but what did those parties actually sound like?

That's a question you can answer for yourself by clicking 'play' below, thanks to Soundcloud user Hass718, who's dug up this rare recording from a party at P.S 127 (AKA McKinley Park School in Brooklyn) in 1977. The recording shows how DJs of the day would blend funk, soul, disco, rock and Latin grooves while chatting on the mic over the top. Even if it was, sometimes, just to tell people to stop dancing on the speakers!


If you like that, then check out Hass718's Soundcloud page for plenty more vintage mixtapes. We particularly like this Live At St Gab's mix, which clearly shows the influence that Jamaican toasting had on the DJs' style at the time - soundsystem-style dub FX and all.


Ghettoblaster pic: Steviep187/Flickr via Creative Commons





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