2019 Jan 13     
2 Bit Thugs

Ukrainian producer Marlin comes to MDE's label

Brighton-based Vudu Records are kickstarting 2019 with a brace of hard-hitting tech-house rollers that have already won support from the great and the good – and quite rightly so. The EP comes from Ukrainian DJ/producer Papa Marlin, who has previously released tunes on Vudu’s sister label Zulu as well as Delicious, MOOVED, Monotonik Cutz and many more.

What he brings us here are two funk-laden floorfillers, with the first track being Screamer itself. It starts with a funky bassline and percussion in situ, then develops nicely with messed-up vocal samples and some crazy sci-fi-sounding synth work. There's a whopping great breakdown in the middle and then on the funky madness flows, the vocal samples working as a great hook along with the relentless bassline. 

Track two is called Oxy, and again starts with a funky bass loop and the percussion already in full flight. As the track plays on vocal samples are added, along with synth brass stabs which mimic the bassline, and again you have a track that's destined to fill empty spaces in clubs with energetic dancing crowds.

I couldn't pick a favourite track, as both are so well equipped to get a party started or to keep one in full swing. What I can do is recommend that you check this release out post haste - I have a feeling you won't be disappointed!

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 7 January


Review Score: 8




Tags: Papa Marlin, Vudu Records, tech house, tech-house