2016 Dec 13     
2 Bit Thugs

The single comes with two original cuts, plus remixes by Detlef and Trevino

Canadian Paolo Rocco first made a name for himself as a DJ in Montreal, but started producing tracks with gusto in 2012. This latest release is a mission statement of sorts. In Paolo’s words: "An artist can sometimes become wrapped up with other people's judgments. People will always judge you, and this record is a reminder that those judgments should not matter."

The EP consists of the original and two remixes of the title track, plus a bonus track titled That’s It. The Original Mix of Judgement is a techno cut with a thudding backbeat and spoken lyrics - in both natural and vocoded form - about he feels about being judged. It sounds really good, with eerie one-note synth lines and claps.

Next up is a downtempo remix by Hot Creations' 2016 signing Detlef, who funks things up with a pumping bassline and the vocal line cut-up and interspersed throughout the track to very good effect. That's followed by Manchester-based Trevino's 10961 Remix, a fast-paced techno track with a galloping synth intro, 303’s and sinister pads which give it a completely different feel. There are also whoops, and again the vocal layered over the backbeat to make an altogether different piece of music.

Finally you have That's It, which starts with metallic percussion, then hits you full-on with a syncopated drum pattern and bassline that give it an urgent feel, which is further heightened by a plethora of freaky sounds, bleeps, cut-up vocals and snare rolls.

This one isn't out for a while but when it does hit the download portals I suspect it's gonna fly, as there are four tracks that are all either pretty damn good or downright superb!

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 20 January



Review Score: 9




Tags: Paolo Rocco, Hot Creations, Detlef, Trevino, techno, tech-house