2017 Oct 08     
2 Bit Thugs

French producer P-Ben serves up two slammin' cuts on Kevin Saunderson's label

A real trip to the dark side here, with P-Ben’s latest featuring two doses of moody, atmospheric techno for your delectation.

First up is For Whom. The track starts out with a deep, throbbing bass sound, which is slowly joined by some percussion that's faded in and kept pretty minimal, with all light shone on the main bass sound. A single-note synth pad then comes in and out as the bass sound breaks down for a less intense section, which ushers forth an off-time pulse that twists and warps around the main sound.

The other track, Setback, is a slightly more uptempo affair that begins with a throbbing sound joined by frenetic percussion and, slowly, more acoustic elements, until you have a lively, pulsing track that's deep yet accessible and superbly engineered for dark, subterranean dancefloors, where both of these tracks are going to go off big time. Both are minimal in their approach but pack a hefty punch, and sound great turned up good and loud.

As for a favourite, it's a tough call - both have their game face on and will cause havoc wherever they're played! But For Whom kind of reminds me of Lil Louis' classic French Kiss without actually sounding anything like it - there's just something about the throbbing sound that really grabs the attention and makes you want to dance, so that comes up trumps for me.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 2 October



Review Score: 9




Tags: P-Ben, KMS Records, techno