2017 Sep 03     
2 Bit Thugs

OUT CTRL serves up the goods for Slovenia's D2 Records

Another great tech-house release on the well-proven D2 Records label that features two dancefloor movers of epic proportions.

First up is Degradê itself, which starts with a simple percussion loop with prominent claps and an eerie sound that gives the track tension from the word go. This is joined by a rubbery bassline and more claps, as the track builds into a tense but moving piece of synth wizardry that's all about anticipation as you wait for the sounds to fully develop. And develop they do, into an ethereal masterpiece of rhythmic cacophony. At 8mins 20s in length you are bathed in bliss as the track builds and drops in all the right places, over and over.

This is followed by the second track Missed Space, which is strong on the atmospherics again. There's a one- note synth line in the intro, along with a powerful kick and rhythmic clicks which give way to a gritty lead line that leads you on a merry parade through the track's sonic complexity, with panned female vocal samples, risers and wooshes of sound. It's not as long as its predecessor but still manages to sound grandiose in a good way.

Picking a favourite is a bit of a struggle as both have their merits, but in the end I have to go for Degradê, as there's so much going on throughout and it really grabs your attention with its attention to detail.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 1 September



Review Score: 9




Tags: OUT CTRL, D2 Records, tech-house, tech house