2018 Aug 05     
2 Bit Thugs

Manchester's ONYVA once more comes up with the goods on his own ON IT Recordings

ON IT Recordings continue their onslaught of quality tunes with a three-tracker that's already received support from the likes of Joseph Capriati, Steve Lawler, Josh Butler and Roger Sanchez.

Sambo itself is up first, starting with a funky Latin intro which sets the pace for the rest of the track nicely, with congas, a funky bassline and a slamming drum pattern that's a real call to the dancefloor. Later on it features a vocal sample that I swear I’ve heard before, but that fits really well anyway and really adds to the track's appeal. Next comes Light Pulse, which starts pretty full-on with a swung drum pattern added to with synth stabs, odd percussive fills and echoed, indecipherable vocal samples.

The third and final track, Feelin’ Good, comes in two versions - a Dub first and then the Original Mix. The Dub is pretty self-explanatory, while the Original starts with a kick, clap and cowbell, then adds a male vocal chanting “feeling good” and a simple but swung bassline. Later on there are loads of sound effects and a female spoken vocal, and it's another strong all round, making this whole EP well worth a listen.

I don’t have a favourite here, and will happily play all of the tracks out as they're all so good.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 31 July



Review Score: 8




Tags: ONYVA, ON IT Recordings, house