2018 Mar 03     
2 Bit Thugs

After his successful 'Nubreed 10' comp, Schories drops 13 new tracks on his own SOSO label

Incredibly, this is Oliver Schories’ fifth studio album in just about as many years. As you'd expect from one of Germany’s most accomplished and prolific producers, it's a fine outing that sits right on the fulcrum of the house and techno scales, weighed down by neither genre but rather dipping into both with ease and fluidity. The LP comes off the back of his recent successful Nubreed 10 compilation for Global Underground.

For someone that considers himself a DJ first and foremost, Schories certainly knows his way round a recording studio, and it's apparent that here is a man who isn't short on musical intellect. The opener for the LP is recent single Fakir, a mid-paced roller with icy hi-hats, claps and a powerful main synth hook, along with subtle male vocals. That's followed by Cobra, which has a percussive intro, broody synths, intriguing drum programming and an ethereal quality overall.

What you get from listening to the album from end to end is an insight into his musical maturity. It's a lot heavier and darker than his last album Relatively Definitely, and he isn't afraid to let those scales fall on the side of techno: tracks like Fakir, Cobra and Ivre (also previously released as a single) are aimed squarely at the dancefloor, while later on he brings out the lighter side of his production skills with songs like Kondor, Magnolia and Rummel, which provide the necessary balance. The final track, Yougan, is light and emotive but with deep booming synths to balance it out again, and is a fitting end to this rollercoaster ride of an album that is full of awe and mystery.

With a work of this calibre, things like favourite tracks don’t really come into the equation, as this is an album that really needs to be heard in one sitting. It's a fine piece work that will stand the test of time - a rare thing in these times of disposable dance music.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 2 March



Review Score: 9




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