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NUSofting gets physical

Modelonia physical modelling synth hits V2.0

2015 Dec 13     
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The new version of the synth plug-in features a larger GUI and a host of new presets

New from NUSofting comes Modelonia 2.0, the latest incarnation of the company's physical modelling synth plug-in.

For those that don't know, physical modelling is a form of sound synthesis whereby the physical properties of an instrument - the thickness and tension of a drum skin, for instance, or the properties of a violin bow and string - are modelled mathematically to recreate the sound given out by that instrument. The first physical modelling synth was the Yamaha VL1 in 1994; the Korg Prophecy is another well-known example, while popular software packages and VSTs that use or support physical modelling technology include NI Reaktor, Korg Drum Designer and Arturia Brass.

NUSofting's upgraded addition to that line-up, designed and developed by Luigi Felici, now features an expanded and slicker-looking user interface, while the number of presets has been increased to 370. The package is also now said to be more stable, and comes with a completely rewritten 50-page manual. It features two model types, 'plucked string' and 'blown bore', so is ideally suited to creating string and brass sounds.

NUSofting Modelonia 2.0 operates as an AU or VST plug-in and is compatible with both Windows and Mac computers whether 32-bit or 64-bit. The full package is on sale now for $69 (£45 approx), or existing Modelonia users can upgrade for just $20 (£13 approx). There's also a free trial version available.

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