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Now streaming: 'Drum & Bass: The Movement'

The documentary has been five years in the making

2020 May 26     
2 Bit Thugs

A host of big name DJs, producers and label owners discuss the evolution of drum & bass

Five years in the making, Drum & Bass: The Movement is a feature-length documentary charting the history and evolution of drum & bass over the past three decades. Directed by Bailey Hyatt and written by former iDJ editor Dave Jenkins, the film has been produced by Craig Haynes for Drum & Bass Arena, and has just been made available for public streaming today.

Whether you're a diehard junglist or a more casual listener, the film tells you everything* you could possibly want to know, from what it was like getting dubplates cut at Music House back in the day, to what Goldie really thinks of the high-octane 'stadium D&B' that regularly hits the Top 40 today. 

And you can watch it… right here!

* NB: not scientifically tested