2018 Jul 04     
2 Bit Thugs

Young Dutch producer Noah Petersen makes his G&D debut

Gents & Dandy's welcome a new artist to their roster here in the shape of young Utrecht-based producer Noah Petersen, whose work has previously featured on Lapsus Music and Max Chapman's Resonance Records.

Just two tracks make up the Translucent EP, with dancefloor-friendly deep house being the general order of the day. Translucent itself is quite a pacey affair, underpinned by driving 4/4s and an understated bassline. There's a spoken female vocal in French, while the insistent, nagging synth lead has something of a mid-00s feel. But nudging it for me is the B-side's India, another quite uptempo cut by today's standards that throws a wide array of different sounds into the pot - birdsong, a bassline that nods to vintage Chi-town, a vaguely Afro-sounding spoken/chanted vocal sample, flutes, and some delicate keys buried quite deep in the mix. It could have ended up as a bit of a mess, but instead Petersen manages to stir it all into an energetic and very summer-friendly floorburner.

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: 29 June



Review Score: 8




Tags: Noah Petersen, Gents & Dandy's, house, deep house