2019 Jun 30     
2 Bit Thugs

Serbia's Gábor Szeles steps up for the 175th release from Italy's SK Recordings, Luis Martinez remixes

DJ Skizzo and Gianfranco Troccoli welcome Serbia's Gábor Szeles, AKA No Else, to their SK Recordings label for its 175th release. No Else provides two original cuts and there's a great rework of the title track by Luis Martinez. 

First up is the original of Body Vibe, which starts off with some seriously chunky percussion and a swung drum beat, then throws in a few male and female vocals. There's a breakdown with the vocal all messed up, and then on it goes with the chunky percussion and unorthodox bassline giving it an individual sound. It's got an almost breakbeat rhythm with some serious snare work, and there are a lot of booming bass tones and an intermittent top line that adds interest. The second track, Fameless, is another chunky cut with a percussion-led intro that's peppered with funky guitar licks and random vocal samples. This track has a more conventional bassline and a string top line which has something else sampled in it to make it more interesting, and there are loads of booming LinnDrum samples as well.

Finally you get the Luis Martinez Remix of the title track, which is more of a straight-up house affair than the original, with a less choppy percussive intro, added male vocal samples and a very funky bassline. There are loads of little random sounds in the mix that work well, and a breakdown with a long tone in the background, vocals on top and the drums always keeping the beat. 

In effect you get three tracks here, as Luis Martinez's remix sounds nothing like the original and, although this may be a controversial choice, is actually my favourite of the three.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 28 June



Review Score: 8




Tags: No Else, SK Recordings, Luis Martinez, Gábor Szeles, house, tech-house, tech house