2016 Nov 04     
2 Bit Thugs

Old school sounds dominate both originals, while Nathan Barato supplies a killer remix

Two Italian duos, NiCe7 and Dirty Channels, team up for the first time to deliver the acid-tinged Feelings EP on Crosstown Rebels. It features two fine originals and an excellent remix by Toronto’s Nathan Barato which is pumped up to say the least.

First up is the original of Feelings itself, which is a homage to the days of acid house but gives itself away due to modern production values. It's a tight and well-oiled affair, with some seriously crunchy 303’s and a "don't hold back the feeling" vocal line over a minimalist backbeat which just begs to be played loud. Next up is Nathan Barato’s remix, which adds a tough, grungey bassline, cuts up the vocal and intersperses it into the mix, which is busier with more percussion and an attention to detail that gives it a sonic edge over the original. There are more vocal lines used and the whole thing is like a snowball, gaining momentum and energy the further on it rolls.

The final track, Juno, again keeps things classic-sounding with a developing acid line over old school drum machine sounds and bleeps (which I'm a sucker for every time). It uses that familiar, spoken female “come on, dance with me” vocal which adds further authenticity to the track, and again if it wasn't such a phat sound you could be fooled into thinking this was a vintage jam from the days of smiley acid faces.

All three benefit further from the use of analogue synths throughout, and there's no chance of picking favourites here as all three are equally superb and are going to get a battering from yours truly in the months to come. This really is a 'miss it at your peril' release, and for that reason it's getting full marks from me.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 9 December


Review Score: 10




Tags: Nice7, Dirty Channels, Crosstown Rebels, Nathan Barato, acid house