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New studio monitors from Sterling Audio

Powered monitors for studios on a budget

2016 Mar 17     
2 Bit Thugs

The MX range starts at just $99 a pair and goes up to $500 a pair

New from California-based Sterling Audio comes the MX range of powered studio monitors.

There are three models in the MX range. The entry-level MX3s (pictured, $99.99/pair) feature a built-in 20W power amp which drives a 3-inch woofer and 3/4-inch tweeter, while the MX5 ($149.99 each) and MX8 ($249.99 each) speakers add balanced XLR and balanced 1/4-inch TRS inputs to the MX3's unbalanced RCA inputs, and feature 80W and 125W amps driving 5-inch and 8-inch woofers (respectively), plus a 1-inch silk dome tweeter.

All three models offer variable hi- and lo-pass filters, and feature multi-fibre bass cones and a custom four-layer voice coil. All three also make use of Sterling's WaveGuidanceVH technology, which is said to make for a better listening experience even when listening off-axis.

For more information, see Sterling Audio's own website.






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