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New keyboards from Korg

Models to suit all styles and budgets

2016 Jan 16     
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From a fully-fledged workstation to budget MIDI controllers, Korg's got your keyboard needs covered

Yesterday, we told you about Korg's new minilogue analogue synthesizer, announced just ahead of this year's NAMM show. Today, let's take a look at the various new keyboards that Korg also announced yesterday.

Sitting proudly at the top of the tree is the KRONOS-88 Platinum. Retailing for £3,478.80 inc VAT, this is a new platinum-coloured version of the KRONOS-88 workstation that's already found great success with professional producers and musicians around the world thanks to its 88-key hammer action keyboard, nine discreet sound engines and thousands of onboard sounds, performance-friendly Set List mode, colour TouchView display, 16 onboard FX processors and built-in 16-step sequencing and 16-track audio recording. The feature set of this new model is the same as the existing versions; all that's changed is the colour.

Meanwhile, at a level more aspiring producers will actually be able to afford, Korg has introduced two new portable MIDI controller keyboards. The nanoKEY Studio features a 25-key, velocity-sensitive keyboard, eight trigger pads, eight assignable knobs and a KAOSS-style touchpad, and comes bundled with a raft of music-making software including the Korg Gadget DAW for iPhone and iPad, the Korg Module piano/keyboard sound module for iPhone and iPad, the Korg Legacy M1 LE synth, Propellerhead Reason Limited and a host of other sound modules including synths, pianos and guitars. Retail price for this one is £129.60 inc VAT.

The other new controller, nanoKONTROL Studio, eschews the keyboard in favour of eight faders, 32 buttons, a jogwheel and a full set of transport controls. It comes bundled with the same software package as nanoKEY Studio, and will retail for the same price of £129.60 inc VAT. Both models are battery-powered and offer wireless connection to your Mac, PC or iOS device.

Finally, for those of a more 'musicianly' bent, Korg has also introduced the B1-SP digital piano, with eight digitally sampled voices, 88 natural weighted hammer keys, and three pedals. The B1-SP comes with a stand, is available in black or white and will retail for £670.80 inc VAT.





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