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New audio interfaces from M-Audio

Introducing the AIR range

2019 Sep 27     
2 Bit Thugs

There are five models in the line-up to suit a variety of user needs, priced from $69 to $299

M-Audio has announced a new range of audio interfaces called AIR. The five units range in price from $69 to $299 (no UK prices have been announced yet) and will go on sale later in the year.

All AIR products feature 24-bit/192kHz DSP, M-Audio's own Crystal pre-amps and a metal chassis with a large central volume knob. Where they vary is in the number of I/O ports. The $69 AIR Hub is a USB-only affair with three ports; if you want phono I/0 (two in, two out) you'll need to move up the range to the AIR 192|4, while if you want MIDI as well you'll be wanting the $149 AIR 192|6. Alternatively, for those with more gear to plug in and more cash, there's the $199 AIR 198|8 (four in, four out) or the top-of-the-range, $299 192|14 (eight in, four out, pictured). Note that the latter two are also MIDI-less.

All models in the range come bundled with a software package that includes a large number of effects plug-ins, virtual instruments and samples (the latter courtesy of Touch Loops), as well as copies of Pro Tools (a 'lite' edition created especially for M-Audio) and Ableton Live Lite.

For more information, see M-Audio's own website.





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