2019 Jun 14     
2 Bit Thugs

Luxembourg's Andy Catani plays around with mixed rhythms

Luxembourg DJ/producer ND Catani returns with another EP on Lauter Unfug, and this time it's a more electro-influenced release which, as the title suggests, switches between four-to-the-floor and triplet beats. For me, the triplet beat is a double-edged sword. On one hand, it can make a tune sound different and therefore interesting, but on the other it's a nightmare to mix into or over with a standard 4/4 track! But many producers love them, and ND Catani is presumably one of them. 

The first track, Triple Cheese, has off-kilter percussion from the start, which is joined by synths playing the melody. Very soon it goes into triplet mode and does a good job of it, and one that will no doubt be well received by many. Next is the Sean & Dee Remix, a progressive number that for me works better than the Original, with a tasty lead line and other synths that sound nice and ethereal. Next up is the Dmitry Molosh Remix, which has a great funky bassline driving it plus loads of other rhythmic sounds and sci-fi effects. This mix only goes into triplet mode for a brief period, which suits me perfectly. 

Then you have the original mix of the second track, Triple Diple, which after a brief squelchy, percussion-free intro goes straight into triplet mode, then switches to 4/4 and back to triplets several times. It's then remixed by Vic Miranda, and again for me the remix works better than the original, with bleeps, echoed synths and not so many triplets.

All things considered, this is a tasty package. My favourite is the Dmitry Molosh Remix as it has a funky edge and less triplets, but all the tracks are well-produced and certainly worth a listen.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 10 June



Review Score: 7




Tags: ND Catani, Lauter Unfug, electro, progressive house