2017 Sep 10     
2 Bit Thugs

Fellow Coloradoan Native Origin serves up five highly electic cuts

This release is an unashamed blend of house, techno, trance, trap and breakbeat. Together, these sounds have reached a harmonious balance that's not about chasing the latest trend, but rather about putting out music from the heart.

There are five tracks, of which the first is Get It Get It. This starts with a bold kickdrum that's deftly joined by male and female vocal samples over a swung drum pattern, which takes you to a breakdown and onwards. Playful and different, it's a great opener and is followed by Calvin Klein, which has tech-house overtones and the word "ketamine" repeated a number of times throughout as it plays with different rhythms, really keeping you guessing! Together Now has a funky feel to it and is full of randomness, sub-bass and choppy guitar, and boasts a number of lead lines that work a treat. Take This Step is another funky number with a galloping electro bassline and sonar sounds, and finally Trust This has a trance-y feel, with long breakdowns, snare-led builds and one-note synth lines that add tension to the track. It's also my favorite on the EP.

What you have here is a skilled producer being allowed to create the music that he loves without the constraints of adhering to a specific genre. The result is a free-flowing musical channeling of ideas that sound great individually and also work as a whole. It's brave, different and very entertaining, and I can’t wait to hear more of his productions.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 8 September


Review Score: 8




Tags: Native Origin, Fresh & Paid